Garden Deck Chair


TeakWood + Fabric

Butterfly Chair


TeakWood + Fabric + Wicker

Metal Chair


TeakWood + PowderCoatedMS

Arm Chair


TeakWood + Fabric

A chaie with calibre. The comfort and the measured proportions characterize the stave, a chair with a meticulous design! The lateral trestle structure rises to design the armrest, which features a refined covered leather that embellishes the wooden struct

White indulgence


TeakWood + Corian

Come. Have a seat. Let's talk about your new project! Our intent is to design the space of your dreams by working with you, listening to your needs and understanding your lifestyle while creating a naturally developing atmosphere through our stylishly fun

The Real Thing


TeakWood + Leather

Finest of leather for a fasting look. A chair that makes a space feel complete! The rich, classic and comfortable leather chair accent with flashes of a lasting look that endows an eminence to your modern living.

Sweet Velour


TeakWood + Fabric

The sturdy yet elegant chair offers a sleek contemporary profile for a distinct sense of everyday, practical style, and combines easily with most existing furniture and decor. Strong and faultlessly versatile, this seat is impeccable to pass on a touch of

Square Chair


TeakWood + Fabric

A Compliment! The chair is the synthesis of style and senses! The aesthetics and simple form of this chair traits slimness that gives out an aura of uniqueness. The chair also emphasizes the pragmatic functionality of the design, that is, no space is wast

Slow down


TeakWood + Leatherette

You think. We create. When you set out for surreal, ordinary is not an option. Customise only the finest with us.



TeakWood + Fabric

Appease Comfortably! An agreeable seat that gives any space a flick of style! This seat is exceptionally strong, without losing usefulness and style. The voguish plan and agreeable structure of the seat, makes it an absolute must.




A unique and lively statement chair to add a touch of style to hit the right spot. Customize your statement chair to fit for what we call first-class! This awe-inspiring and buoyant chair is inspired by the design of Karim Rashid.



WhiteAsh + Fabric

A chair that suits your level of comfort. Exquisite tailoring and optimum simplicity forms a classic chair. The soft seat and the comfortable ergonomic shape, combined with an elegant wooden language, makes it a perfect relaxing spot for your home decor.

Feet Treat Chair


TeakWood + Fabric

A treat for your feet. Feel the warmth! This chair is designed to ease efficiency and comfort. Relax your body with a stool that will delight your feet.



TeakWood + Fabric

You think. We design. A simple concept:You Design, We Make or We Design, We Make. Whatever suits you the best. Let the project begin.

Nari Chair


Leatherette + TeakWood + Fabric



TeakWood + Brass

Let your furniture define your class. Raise the standard of the array by placing this outstanding statement chair and let the viewers take a lap of luxury.